Happy New Year??? Twists with Brazilian wool

Happy New Year

Why does this always happen? I always get to say Happy New Year towards the end of February. Anyways it’s better late than never, right?
I’ve been away for too long.  It’s not my fault, ehh…  Im in a village in the land of Ekiti State serving this country. Honestly, It’s been very boring because well, it’s Ekiti State.


The routine is : go to the school where I teach (story for another day),  come back home by 2, sleep or watch a movie-if there’s light, eat, and sleep again. This place is soooo boring. 7pm here is like 3am in Lagos. It’s so quiet.September can like to hurry up and come o, lemme leave this place
Okay, i’ll create more time for blogging since I don’t have so much to do (if network allows tho, because my fingers are crossed right now, hoping this post sends)
Okay so I made my hair here and I was a bit impressed. I was so skeptical about making my hair but my hair had been out for two weeks and the weather wasn’t making it so good cos it was hard.
I decided to just try my luck. How bad could it be???
I went to the salon with 9 rolls of Brazilianwool I got from Lagos.


Final look



Used only 6 rolls, the sixth one remained a little. I paid just 1000 naira for the twists.
What do you think?


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