NYSC Camp experience

Hey guys, the title of this post tells why Ive not posted in a while. Yh,  I was in camp and the experience was somewhat fun. Okay so I was posted to Ekiti State. I was happy because it was actually the best of my three choices.
I left for camp on the 28th of October with my friend(Meene).


The journey was sooooo long. Took like 6 hours or even more. And I was happy before, busy saying it’s not far :'(:'(:'(.
We got to camp and registration began. It was so hectic and we didn’t even finish that day. We came back to registration hall the next day and finally completed it. We were officially otondos.lol.



We were given our kits. My khaki was like 10 sizes bigger than me. But I was lucky to have gotten my exact size of jungle boot and white sneakers( apparently the man in charge thought I had small feet ,little did he know that I have humongous feet).


Had to slimfit my khaki later for 1000 Naira, even though the carpenter tailor cut it too short.
Next day was swearing in. We stood under the sun for hours. The remaining days went by fast.  Camp was actually fun, apart the waking up by 3am to have my bath in the cold aspect and standing under the sun aspect.


I made some friends in camp…:mrgreen:. I learnt how to make beads too


I didn’t really participate much in platoon activities because….well, I’d rather sleep. I only acted drama.
I made up and tied gele for someone as part of the skill acquisition program


On the last day, we were given our posting letters and sadly for me, I was posted to a village.


When I say village,  I mean the mud houses kind of village. :'(:'( I’ve got no choice but to adapt.


Going back to the village soon.


2 thoughts on “NYSC Camp experience

  1. Yes, there’s very good network service there and constant supply of power. Thank God…
    Just try to have fun there. You’ll be fine too.

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