My hair lately

Hey guys. Happy New month. Im so excited that October is here finally because I get to leave home for service after being home for like five months.
So today’s post will just be on random pictures with my natural hair basically because I don’t have anything else to post on.

Firstly, last week I attended a natural hair meet-up for the first time (Naturals in the City 12). It was all kinds of beautiful. I saw hair ehn and was like 😱😱😱..I couldn’t take pictures with people because I was shy but I took pictures of myself of course and stole few taken by other people.


Stolen from The Kink and I


Stolen from Ella

And then I met Nafisah of Coily Head Of Hair. She is sooo pretty and very friendly. Couldn’t get a picture with her though.



Of course we had to take our selfies (Geraldine and I)





Shrinkage tho



Operation: my edges must grow. 😂


So Ive been learning the art of make up since last month and I tried this out and wanted to show you guys


What do you guys think?
Have a lovely weekend ❀❀


14 thoughts on “My hair lately

  1. Great write up and thanks for the compliment! Sweet to you to share that with your readers. You hair is amazing as well, and please your twist outs and puffs are spot on! I can hardly find the failure in it.

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