Transitioning to natural hair with Geraldine

Transitioning as we all know is the period while we wait for our natural hair to grow underneath the relaxed strands basically because we are not ready to do a big chop(that is let go of our hair length).
Today’s post on transitioning would be featuring Geraldine who transitioned for about a year and just had the remaining relaxed ends trimmed hereby revealing her gorgeous Natural Hair. I would also be giving tips on how to properly transition to natural hair because it’s not all about just not relaxing your hair for some months, believe me.
1. Stop relaxing your hair. Lol that’s obvious. Didn’t have to say that again.
2. Stay away from any form of heat such as blow dryers and flat iron because it will only cause more damages to your hair
3. Deep Condition! Deep Condition!Ā  I cannot over emphasize the importance of deep conditioning. This is very important as it will help with the management of the both textures you are working with. I know someone who didn’t do this and at the end her hair was a mess,Ā  very hard and tangled. She ended up texturizing.
4. Trim your hair regularly
5. Moisturize, moisturize!
6. Always use a satin/silk bonnet or pillow case to retain moisture
7. Be very patient
8. Grab your scissors when you are ready and cut off all that remaining unhealthy hair.

So here’s Geraldine’s Natural Hair journey so far
Before transitioning:



During transitioning:



After trainsitioning:





Now look at that shrinkage šŸ˜¦


Geraldine can be very creative when it comes to hairstyling so you guys can check her instagram for subsequent posts : @gerryxix

What do you guys think? Please leave a comment.
Have a lovely week. 💋💋💋


10 thoughts on “Transitioning to natural hair with Geraldine

  1. NICE POST………….I am transitioning my hair too and I have just been inspired to be patient with my hair cause it is very stubborn….

  2. NICE POST…….I am transitioning too and I have just been inspired to be patient with my hair cause it is verrrrryyyyyyyyyyy stubborn and it has refused to grow..

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