Faux locs with Marley hair


Hey guys!!!  So yeah, faux locs.  I’ve been seeing this hairstyle around for months now and I’ve been wanting to get them done . Faux locs basically allows one to have locs which are fake but looks real.
So my mum got hers done about two months ago, it wasn’t that long (about neck length ) and guess how much she paid??? 10,000 Naira. So I was like “Biko, I no do “, when I’ve got two hands and YouTube still exists. My friend got hers done to for 10,000 Naira but hers is long. I decided to make them myself but then luckily for me my sister surprisingly offered to help(even though she was very slow). It’s easy and you can make it yourself too unless of course someone jumps in and offers to help you 😁


1.  Divide hair into four sections.
2. Then cut a smaller section and start by weaving to where your hair stops(like pick and drop)
3. Start wrapping.
4. When you get to whatever length you want you can decide if you want to burn it or tie it.  Since I’m scared of fire,  I went with the latter. If it’s not long enough you can add another piece of hair and continue wrapping.
5. Repeat 2-4 all over your head
6. Trim and add accessories if you want.

If you don’t understand, follow these steps


If you are not sure on which kind of extension to use, look at this and pick which you like best. 


Personally,  I think the one with Marley hair looks better.



I’ve had the hair on for like a week now and I don’t really have much to say except that my scalp is really itchy.Other than that I love the hair.


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