Protective Styling: Braids

Hey guys…  I know I’ve been lagging (no frequent posts and all),  but please bear with me. I got braids done earlier last month for my convocation and I took them out after four weeks.
I’m going to share with you guys how I took care of my hair while I had the braids on and what I did after taking them out. 
I paid about 3500 Naira for the braids.

Quite cheap yeah?

It was like waist length and I used colour 1.


Owambe time


The hair was full so I couldn’t really style it like that and Lagos is quite hot so just the regular ponytail mostly.
I mixed water and some oils (coconut,  olive and castor) in my spray bottle and if you are guessing I’m going to say I sprayed my hair ‘dedicatively'(i know that’s not a word), then you are wrong :p. I sprayed like maybe three times in a week and massaged my edges with castor oil only a few times.  I know I’m lazy and I saw the results of my laziness afterwards sadly :'(:'(:'(


Well, after taking out the braids, I prepooed and then shampooed. I went ahead to deep condition with Protective Mega Growth Anti Breakage Strengthening deep conditioner which it was my first time of using.


I don’t know if I like the product yet but now I’m back to using my usual.
It’s been like two weeks now and I’m thinking about installing faux locs. 


Puff achieved with just an old pop sock

Bye guysss


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