Random : 3 Series I can’t give up on watching.

Hey people. In an attempt to spice up the blog, I’m starting a new segment where I post random topics probably once or twice in a week. Today’s random segment is about series I love and can’t give up on watching, no matter how annoying it might get.There are sooooo many series to watch but then I only watch a few (apart from Korean dramas sha). There’s How to get away with murder , Jane the virgin, Being Mary Jane, Empire, The Originals, Vampire diaries, Orange is the new black, Pretty Little Liars, Glee,among many others.Here’s my top 3.
1. The Vampire Diaries.


I think this was the first series I ever watched. I really don’t know if I want it to end soon or not.  People keep saying they are prolonging the show and it’s getting annoying. But the longer it gets, the more I love it. And then this is Elena’s last season.
Everybody knows that I watch Vampire Diaries because of the smoldering Ian Somerhalder who broke my heart a few weeks ago when he married Nikki Reed. My favorite characters are the ever sarcastic Damon Salvatore, Alaric Saltzman and Bonnie. Plus I enjoyed the season finale especially the part where Damon rips off Kai’s head. Although Kai was annoying, I would miss his pretty face. And I think Damon turned off his humanity at the end…. Haaaaa, so much suspense, cant wait for October to come.


2. Pretty Little Liars.


I know this one might seem to be unrealistic but it’s very interesting at the same time. The best part of the series is the suspense and at the end of each episode, you still have that one question in your head, ‘ what is going to happen next?’


Also, another thing about PLL is that since season 1 there’s been no tiring moment. I enjoy Hannah’s dumb blonde moments. Like when she said ” Jenna is blind, she can’t hear us”.


And Spencer’s smartie moments. I can’t help but comment on Aria’s terrible dress sense. Lool. You guys need to watch this show if you aren’t already watching it.(I finished reading 15 of the 16 books last summer break when I was completely bored)


3.The Originals.


The Originals is a spin off of the vampire diaries which almost every one is familiar with. Like who doesn’t watch Vampire Diaries. This series is about witches, Vampires, and werewolves- the battle for supremacy. It is set in the beautiful but creepy New Orleans.


French quarter

I mean, any supernatural movie or show set in New Orleans is the bomb because, I don’t know but I feel that place is really haunted by witches and other supernaturals. My favorite characters are the surviving Mikaelson siblings(Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah ).


Yeah. What series do you guys enjoy watching the most?


4 thoughts on “Random : 3 Series I can’t give up on watching.

  1. I’ve actually given up watching all 3! I was tired of the ‘merry-go-round’ in the stories.
    I watch so many shows but I think the one that deserves the I-can-never-stop-watching crown is Grey’s Anatomy because I’m on season 11 and counting.

    Nigerian and Natural

  2. I’m glad I found your blog today. It’s been really helpful for me and guess what? I haven’t given up on these series either. I gave up on vampire diaries for a while but I’m back. And pll is getting annoying; I just finished season 6 but I ain’t giving up on it!

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