Faking it till I make it: Crochet braid


Yassss… I’m faking it with crochet braids which I installed on Thursday after seeing Nafisah’s . I’m so loving the hair and people keep asking if its my hair.


Brows on fleek 😉

Okay, more deets on the hair.
What I used
Noble gold kinky bulk hair – 1000 naira. Quite cheap yeah.


Latch hook- I got from a craft shop


Took me quite a while sha. I got tired and then mum decided to help me. The part she did was even fuller.


I used the invisible or knotless method which I learnt after watching some YouTube videos the previous night.


I twisted the hair and unraveled today . And then I gave it a side parting.
I’m really loving the hair but knowing myself, I probably won’t take it for more than a week or two.



What do you guys think?
Have a nice week ahead.


17 thoughts on “Faking it till I make it: Crochet braid

  1. Hi, pls where in ogba did u get d latch hook? What is d name of d street as well as d craft shop?


    • Hi…I got it from arcade shopping plaza.Opposite TFC . I can’t remember the name of the shop but you can’t miss it once you are in the plaza.

  2. Ahhh love it! Definitely want to try crochet braids this summer but I don’t know how much I trust myself with a needle (that hook/latch lol) for my first install. Do you think I should try it or shell out the money?

    • Thanks. You should definitely try it. If you aren’t sure about using the hook, you should use a Bobby pin instead.

  3. yewizzle, how come u neva mentioned ur blog to any of us, its riliiii nyc, i love it, u ve inspired me, would love to create one on makeup…..anyways i love the crotchet braids

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