Heyy!!! Back from school, so that means more posts. Today’s post is on the satin bonnet I made today. I was home alone and very bored. I actually got all the materials since December, but I did not have the time to make it. Was busy with project and final examinations. Thank God those are all over now sha.
So I got the material out of my box and got to work. I started like around past three and finished some minutes to six.
What I used


Elastic band


Satin material
A pair of scissors


Cutting the circle was so hard. I then sewed it round and left an opening through which I put in the elastic band.


Almost done

I cut off the excess band and sewed the opening I left out and tadaaaaa


Finished look

Model: Toyeen
What do you guys think?


7 thoughts on “DIY: SATIN BONNET

  1. i need this in my life,satin bonnets are expensive so I turned my silk abi satin scarf to a pillow case….I’m moving to d market to get this as soon as I can,thanks

    • I know right. I used satin scarves before but they never stay on my head till dawn. And the material I used is quite cheap, 400 naira for a yard.

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