Jumping on the Crochet Braid Wagon


Hey Guys, been a while. My wordpress app has been acting up. This is my first original post for the year…coming at the end of February…woww

Anyways, todays post is about Crochet Braids which I think I’m in love with right now and I’m definitely gonna try when I go home by April. Crochet braids are very beautiful. There’s just this thing about them. It can be done with human hair which i know im not trying any time soon, kinky hair and marley hair.

natural looking

natural looking

it can also be worn in different ways from curly(by using perm rods, two strand twisting, three strand twisting and dipping in hot water) to straight. 751f2ff2eff5470413278c9ec01ba885

so beautiful

so beautiful


Here’s a pictorial I got from nafisah’s blog.

vlcsnap-2014-08-28-00h05m33s252_fotor_collage1 (2)

This is a truly beautiful and classy protective style. What other styles have you guys been trying out?

Have a nice ‘Last week of February’


5 thoughts on “Jumping on the Crochet Braid Wagon

    • I used kinky hair. you can also use marley hair. I just used the hook to attach the hair to my already weaved hairand i knot it.

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