What Wande Thinks: Organics Cholesterol Tea -Tree Oil

Im not so much of a product junkie but then i came across this product and decided to try it and I absolutely love it. First, its extremely cheap, I dont remember exactly how much I got the 15oz container for but i remember it wasnt even up to 1000 Naira. I got it from a local hair supply store in my area.On the container, it says it could be used as a rinse out conditioner and also a leave in. I was not so skeptical about using it as a leave in-my brother did though, but it was great as a deep conditioner. My container is finished now as you can see and im hoping to get another one when i go home by December.
I know my editing skills are terrible… The main ingredients are Aqua, Polyqyaternium-37, polypropyleneglycol dicarrylate, PPG-1 trideceth-6, proprylene gycol, glycerin, glycine soja(soyabean) oil and so on. It has tea tree leaf oil of course and cholesterol. Although it contains parabens which i think is the only bad thing. It doesnt smell bad too
I just love the way it leaves my hair soft and manageable after usage. It says to leave for 10 minutes but as the boss that i am I leave it for like an hour before washing off.

So what products have you guys been trying lately?
Have a great weekend ahead.
Ps: this post has been sitting in my draft since october. No network to post it.


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