my bad hairsperience

Its me again and I’m sad.
Long story
Okay, not that long sha
So, I decided to PS my hair and thought to do kinky twists because I thought it might help me retain length and even gain some more. But no! 😥
I carried the twists for four weeks and then took them out yesterday, and then prepoo-ed. I proceeded to wash and deep condition…
OMG!!!the way my hair kept falling off ehnn. I almost started crying. I was even contemplating cutting the hair off (even though its still short). Even when I was trying to do the LOC method, it kept on falling. I was just so sad. Anyways I did three stand twists which I plan to unravel on Tuesday. I just hope the hair looks better then. *fingers crossed.
Forgive me for ranting on here. This is the only place I can express my anger, joy, and all other feelings I might have.
On a lighter note, well, my results came out this week after a very long wait and it was great, wait, scratch that, it was fantabulous!!! 😀
That’s all for now


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