I know I’ve been missing in action, so sorry. Okay, update on my hair and life in general. So I got kinky twists on and oh dear I’m missing my hair already and its not even two weeks yet- I want to take it for four weeks at most and my siblings are like “you? Take this hair for four weeks? Never” I want to prove them wrong. Here’s a picture.. Btw, I don’t even Like it cos its so short and I can’t style it.
Emm, before this I did a twist out and totally loved the results
that’s all for now
I can’t seem to place the pictures accordingly, still new at this, but here they are ….

my twist out

my twist out


2 thoughts on “update…

  1. You are very pretty! Please don’t hate on that twa because when it grow longer, you would miss it so much. I miss my twa because I could rock a twistout without a car ein the world. but now my hair is longer, my twist outs just look so awkward. I end up puffing it before heading out of my house.

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