Hey world,
I’m back and I know you are wondering”from where?” since there’s nothing on this blog. Well there was. I created this blog when I was like 15 or 16 and then I wrote a lot of stuff that did not even make any sense. I can’t believe I wrote those thing. I Iost my password and eventually interest in writing anything here cos it was sort of boring and I didn’t have the time, I guess. BACK TO THE MATTER…..
Recently, I started going through some blogs and I found them quite interesting and thought ‘why not start yours’ and so I tried recovering my password and woopie, here I am.. πŸ˜€
I guess I’m sort of blogging too because I read lots of natural hair blogs and loved them.So this is what this blog is basically going to be about, my Natural hair journey(and some other stuffs too). Boredom also inspired this blog… Going to be home till September when school resumes.I think this is going to be fun because I’m still new and need to share most of my experiences with others..
So join me while we go on this journey. I hope its fun.
By the way, I’m Yewande, Yewi for short.



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